Recognised by the Union Ministry of Law and Justice, Govt. of India CAMP is approved as a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) for certifying Mediators by IMI (International Mediation Institute) –

CAMP Mediation | 2nd Private Commercial Mediation Conclave
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2nd Private Commercial Mediation Conclave


From L-R: Mr.N. Venkatakrishnan (CFO-Tata Hitachi & Chairman – Banking, Finance & Corporate Affairs Committee), Mr. Anuj Sharma (President – BCIC), Hon’ble Chief Justice S.K.Mukherjee (Chief Justice – High Court of Karnataka) & Laila T. Ollapally (Founder & Mediator – CAMP).

Hon’ble Chief Justice S.K. Mukherjee (Chief Justice – High Court of Karnataka)delivering the keynote address in which he stressed on the efficacy of mediation in resolving disputes and emphasized the need to promote private mediation.

From L-R : Mr. Nithyanandan Radhakrishnan (Co-Founder – Browntree Consulting), Praveen Vishwas (G C – Optum), Victor Schachter (Director FSRI and Partner Fenwick & West LLP), Gopi Krishnan (Dy. GC Infosys) & Mahesh Chainani (Sr. VP & Head Howden India Insurance Brokers) The panel discussed the nature of cases that are appropriate for mediation from a business perspective. Panelists from a cross-section of industry like IT, Healthcare and Insurance discussed how cost effective and confidential resolutions are a product of a comprehensive SWOT analysis done at mediation.

From L-R:Laila T.Ollapally (Founder & Mediator CAMP), Poornima Hatti, Founding Partner Samvad Law, Samuel Mani,Partner, MCM Law, Hon. Rebecca Westerfield (Retd,), Suruchi Rishi, General Counsel, Vectra Group. Gerald Manoharan, Partner J. Sagar Associates

A simulation of a commercial dispute resolved through mediation. Role Play moderated by Laila T. Ollapally & mediates by Hon. Rebecca Westerfield (Retd.)

From L-R – Jay Folberg, JAMS, Hon’ble Justice Keshav Narayan (Retd.), K.G.Raghavan Senior Advocate & Arbitrator, Prof. Hiro Aragaki, Faculty Loyola Law School. Session moderated by Shreyas Jayasimha, Advocate & Partner, Arna Law (On Podium)

Mediation and Arbitration are distinct processes that can effectively complement each other. Research from the United States shows a change in the attitude of General Counsels who prefer to use mediation over arbitration.

From L-R – Gerald Manoharan, Partner J Sagar Associates, Mathew Chandy, MD Duroflex Mattresses, Victor Schachter, Director FSRI & Partner,Fenwick & West LLP, Sundar Rajagopalan, GC Bharti Group, Samuel Mani, Partner, MCM Law (Session Moderator).

In house counsels need to look at mediation from a commercial and a legal perspective. The value of mediation for industry lies not only in the resolution of the dispute in a quick and efficient way but in the commercial opportunities that are possible through the negotiated settlement.

From L-R – Chitra Narayan, Advocate & Mediator (Session Moderator), Hon’ble Rebecca Westerield (Retd.), JAMS, Hon’ble Justice Keshavnarayan (Retd.), Leonardo D’Urso, CEO ADR Centre Italy, Poornima Hatti, Founding Partner Samvad Partners / Laila Ollapally, Founder CAMP

Panel discussed the Italian experience and the impact of the new law on mediation. The Panel also focused on the distinction and the partnership that exists between private and court annexed mediation programs and the need for the collaborative working of both systems to help mediation ingrain itself as a dispute resolution mechanism in our country.

Endnote Address by Justice Cyriac Joseph. Justice Joseph said that the time has come for private mediation in India. Justice Joseph empahsised on the effectiveness of the mediation process saying that the quality of the resolution that comes out of the mediation process is superior to the quality of a resolution that comes from a judge. He unequivocally stated that the “Justice” in mediation is very high.