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CAMP Mediation | Testimonials
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We would like to thank you for solving our long pending matter for the last 17 years amicably and brought a solution to the issue.


We thank you for the courtesy extended to us while we were in your office and appreciate the way the whole issue was handled.

P.R.Vishwanath Rao – Partner, Vishwanath and Associates | ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS AND INTERIOR DESIGNERS

“My company is a 50 year old family owned business which has suffered through ten years of torturous litigation. Instead of spending all of our energy fighting the competition, we were too busy fighting each other in court. The business suffered and all the stakeholders who were close family members went through personal trauma. Everybody’s health deteriorated.


Laila Ollapally is a fantastic Mediator. She very quickly won our trust and confidence and made us discuss the real issues, not just the assets at stake.


The mediation process was a breath of fresh air. It was very quick – we were done in 3 days! All the unnecessary rules, and bureaucratic judicial process made way for open discussion and pragmatic compromises. Although Laila played an instrumental role in shepherding us toward a settlement, we ourselves proposed and accepted the settlement terms. The result was a settlement that we were all comfortable with.and everyone walked away satisfied.


Freed from the shackles of the shareholder litigation, the business recovered quickly and has grown from strength to strength. The next generation of the previously feuding families have had a chance to be a family once again. I cannot thank Laila enough for helping us get back on our feet.


I can wholeheartedly recommend the mediation process and Laila’s practice as an alternative to years of pain and suffering in litigation.”

Mathew Chandy – Managing Director, Duroflex Mattresses

“Mediation is an opportunity for the parties to amicably settle the matter than to run into litigation, resolution of which may take years together. Mediation is a quick, private, fair, confidential and inexpensive process of resolution of dispute compared to a lawsuit. While mediation is an opportunity for the parties to end the dispute by way of structured negotiations driven by an experienced, independent and unbiased Mediator, it is also important for the parties to show willingness to negotiate and conclude the matter. Over the past few years, we have seen mediation as an effective process in resolution of family disputes, but these days mediation has been equally effective and successful in resolving commercial disputes arisen between companies.


As we have recently concluded a litigation which was resolved through mediation, it is felt that it is very important for both parties to show their willingness to work mutually toward a resolution. Our experience with Bangalore Mediation Centre in resolution of one such dispute has been excellent. It gave us an opportunity to think ‘out-of-the-box’ to explore options to settle the matter. The entire process of resolution of dispute was successfully completed in about six months, right from reference of the matter from Honourable High Court of Karnataka till signing of settlement agreement. Our overall experience with the entire process has been swift and as smooth as possible. It is recommended that corporations show willingness to mutually agree for Mediation to resolve the disputes in an efficient manner in the best interest of themselves.”

P.V. Hegde – Associate Vice President (Commercial and Accounts), Sterling and Wilson Limited

We would like to express our deep appreciation to Mrs Laila Ollapally and her team at CAMP Arbitration and Mediation Practice Private Limited for a quick and efficient resolution of a major dispute with our tenants. The mediation process was conducted in a very systematic and professional manner which enabled a quick resolution – we resolved our matter in a day! The informal, voluntary process of mediation made way for open and pragmatic discussions with the opposite party. Although Laila played an instrumental role in shepherding us toward a settlement, we ourselves proposed and accepted the settlement terms. The result was a settlement that all the parties were comfortable with.


We are most grateful that our contract led us to mediation because through this process we were able to settle our dispute out of court in one day. Mediation and CAMP saved us much time and stress! We urge businesses to try mediation as much as possible – it is a far more business friendly form of dispute resolution than litigation.


Wishing CAMP a lot of success in helping businesses find a quick, effective and efficient resolution to their business disputes using mediation.

Kamlesh P. Talera, Owner – Mysore Udyog Limited & Melange Bangalore Limited

“I have known Laila for several years as a competent and committed lawyer. However, it is as a trained Mediator I am seeing the best of her and I have had pleasant experiences appearing before her in mediation proceedings as counsel, and I must commend on her excellent mediation skills aimed at amicable and objective resolution of disputes.


One was a classic case of a family dispute having a corporate hue to it, which had languished before the Company Law Board and civil courts for nearly a decade creating a lot of bad blood between two groups of siblings. Eventually it was referred for mediation and Laila within a matter of 48 hours was able to bring the parties to resolve all outstanding issues amicably. Not only were the commercial issues finally resolved, but even the ruffled feather on the personal front were smoothened.


Another was a case of a similar nature, again warring brothers on a corporate platform. The matter went for mediation and I did witness some plain speaking and commonsensical approach by Laila aimed at putting the matter to rest. Although the matter was not resolved during the course of mediation, it got settled soon thereafter. I must say that several messages sent and pointers made by Laila during the course of mediation proceedings had an everlasting impact on the parties which made them realize the futility of long drawn litigation, and to instead resolve differences objectively.


I must conclude that from a personal experience mediation is proving to be an effective tool which Laila is putting to effective and meaningful use.”

Murali Ananthasivan – Partner, J. Sagar Associates

“Ms. Laila Ollapally stands out as one of the finest Mediators in Bangalore. She is sought after to mediate complicated commercial disputes which she does with remarkable ease. She is determined to ensure a fair settlement and proceeds continually to understand the requirements of the parties before her. She spends enormous amounts of time to discuss and debate the finer points at dispute. Being a well-known lawyer she is able to engage with lawyers on both sides on legal issues and puts in considerable effort not merely to convince the parties but also their lawyers and legal advisors who normally at the end see the benefit of settlement.


On occasion with difficult clients, when I had given up any hope of settlement, her spirit never did seem to wane. She continuously persuaded and negotiated on behalf of both parties until a time when it seemed that the parties could not leave the room without settling their disputes.


I have never met a Mediator with as clear a mind, pleasant demeanor, fair and forthright approach and unlimited patience until I interacted with Ms. Ollapally.


She normally succeeds in ensuring a settlement. That speaks volumes in a litigious country like ours.”

Dhyan Chinnappa – Senior Advocate, Chambers at CrestLaw Partners

We were advising our clients in a long drawn dispute between an Indian and International entity and over a period of time, parties soon proceeded to litigate against each other. Both parties decided to give private mediation a chance to explore opportunities of resolving the dispute outside of Court.


It was clear that there were differences in personal positions of both parties along with differences in interpretation of the law when the mediation started. It was in this context, it was very interesting to see how the mediator not only allowed for both parties to discuss issues with the other present but slowly through private sessions, facilitated an introspection of the dispute by the parties themselves. As a neutral third party she encouraged creative thinking of solutions, explored ideas of possible ways, gauged emotions and tempers and through the process helped each party find their positions commercially as well as legally. The mediator successfully acted as an effective communicator between the parties, without allowing the sometimes difficult emotions between them, to derail the process.


It was a successful outcome not only for parties but also for counsel. A day’s hard work resulted in a settlement which would have otherwise taken possibly a few years to achieve.

Poornima Hatti | Partner, SAMVAD: PARTNERS